New work order On-line integrated with Softruck

Now you can streamline your Work Orders seamlessly with Softruck. Our new Online Work Order has been developed to integrate, simplify, and digitize the management of your field team, making the entire process more efficient.

Focusing on agility and autonomy, the new Work Order functionality brings significant benefits to the manager, the service provider, and the end user.


  • Create services;
  • Define tasks;
  • Attach documents, images, and terms;
  • Track service progress status;
  • Request signature from your service provider and final client, along with service evaluation!

Service Provider:

  • Manage all your services;
  • Easily and intuitively track your upcoming appointments;
  • Attach documents and vehicle images;
  • Respond to tasks;
  • Easily test and link your devices;
  • Sign and submit the completed service to your manager.


  • Sign and evaluate the services provided, ensuring legal security.

Differentiators of Softtruck’s Online Work Order System:

  • Work order system specifically designed for the tracking market;
  • Tracker validation and testing before installation, directly through the app;
  • Simplified device registration and linking;
  • Avoid rework with poorly installed tracker maintenance;
  • Simple and agile integration for operations already registered on the platform;
  • Priority support with personalized assistance.

Installer Technician with Much More Autonomy

The creation of tasks, types of services, and process statuses are 100% customizable. You don’t need to adapt your company’s processes to our platform; it adapts to your processes! Our system is dynamic and adaptable, understanding that each company has unique processes such as models, types of services, checklists, and stages. This way, we can guarantee more autonomy in the process of creating and managing work orders.

Additionally, the manager will be able to have a detailed view of the work orders already executed and those in progress in your company directly through the vehicle tracking platform, including terms, attached documents, photos, etc. You can also control the status of each work order, from scheduling to service completion. The administrator will also be able to generate analysis reports of services performed by type of vehicle and much more.

Have control of all Work Orders in one system

The manager will be able to have a detailed view of completed and ongoing Work Orders in their company directly through the platform, including their terms, attached documents, and much more.

In addition to being able to track the status of each Work Order, from scheduling to service completion, the administrator will also be able to generate analysis reports of services performed by vehicle type and much more.

Test Softruck’s new Work Order

Put aside the clipboard and paper, simplify your Work Orders seamlessly with Softruck. Take a free trial with us.