Online Service Order in vehicle tracking: what it is and how to do it

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way companies manage their operations, and in the dynamic vehicle tracking sector, efficiency and organization are crucial to ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the online service order is a powerful tool that can help companies in this field manage their operations with more agility and autonomy.

In this article, we will explore what an online service order in vehicle tracking is and discuss the launch of the service order integrated into Softruck’s platform.

What is an online Service order?

A service order is a document that details the activities to be performed, specifying information such as the type of service, responsible parties, necessary materials, and the deadline for completion.

When we talk about an online service order, we are referring to a digital system that manages this information electronically, facilitating access, control, and monitoring of activities. Therefore, in the vehicle tracking sector, this can mean the difference between a well-executed service and customer dissatisfaction.

What is the purpose of an online service order?

The online service order serves to organize and formalize the work process in a single system, ensuring that all activities are carried out quickly and within established standards. Its main functions include:

  • Planning and Control: Create services, define tasks, make photo reports, and request signatures from the installer and the final customer.
  • Traceability: Easily and intuitively track the status of tasks and their upcoming commitments, ensuring everything is done as planned.
  • Documentation: Attach images of vehicles, documents, and terms directly in the application.
  • Communication: All communication in one system, facilitating contact between installers, managers, and customers, avoiding misunderstandings, and ensuring everyone is aligned.
Installer technician checking the operation of a vehicle tracker while filling out the online service order
Installer technician filling out the online service order

Advantages of Using an Online Service Order

  • Greater efficiency: Digitalizing service orders allows tasks to be executed more organized and efficiently, with quick access to information.
  • Error reduction: Clear and precise information reduces the chances of errors and rework.
  • Cost control: Enables stricter control of materials and time spent on each activity, helping to control costs.
  • Maintenance history: Keeps a detailed record of all activities performed, facilitating performance analysis and future decision-making.
  • Remote access: With online systems, service orders can be accessed from anywhere, making it easier to manage tasks remotely.
  • Autonomy for installers: The installer technician links the tracker at the time of installation and performs the device’s functionality tests without needing to contact the central office to check if the tracker is working correctly.
Installer technician performs the functionality tests of the tracker without needing to contact the central
Installer technician with more autonomy

Work Order Integrated with the Softruck Platform

Now Softruck has an integrated Work Order on the platform!!

Thinking about the agility and autonomy of our customers, the new Work Order functionality brings benefits to the manager, collaborator, and end user.

Softruck Work Order System Differentials:

  • Work Order system created specifically for the tracking market;
  • Validation and testing of the tracker before installation, directly through the app;
  • Simplified registration and linking of devices;
  • Avoid rework with poorly installed tracker maintenance;
  • Simple and agile integration for operations already registered on the platform;
  • Priority service, with personalized support;
  • The installer technician links the tracker at the time of installation and performs the functionality tests of the device directly through the app, without needing to contact the central to check if the tracker is working correctly;
  • In addition to the possibility of creating your customized Work Order, we also have ready-to-use templates on our platform!

Simplify your Work Orders in an integrated way with Softruck. Try it for free with us.