Where to place the vehicle tracker?

The importance of strategic vehicle tracker installation

Nowadays, vehicle protection is a constant concern for fleet companies and owners. Installing vehicle trackers is an efficient measure to ensure precise location and quick recovery in case of theft.

However, the effectiveness of the tracker largely depends on its installation, and it is common for tracking centers not to prioritize the improvement of their equipment installation process. In the rush to install various customer devices, often not enough attention is paid to where the tracker will be fixed. Therefore, choosing the right places to install the device can make the difference between a protected vehicle and a potential target for criminals.

In this article, we explore four locations to place the vehicle tracker, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety.

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Vehicle protection.

How to install a vehicle tracker

Installing a vehicle tracker goes beyond finding a discreet and favorable location in the vehicle. This process requires specialized technical knowledge and proper procedures. Only a professional installer can correctly connect the tracker to the vehicle’s power source, avoiding interference that could compromise GPS signal reception. Therefore, always trust the installation to a professional to ensure the safety and efficiency of your investment.

Additionally, after installation, the specialist performs rigorous tests to ensure the device is operating correctly. These tests are essential to detect and correct potential problems, and with Softruck’s Service Order, the installation technician can perform installation tests directly through the app, without needing to contact the central office to verify if the tracker is functioning correctly.

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Where to place the vehicle tracker

  1. Dashboard: A widely adopted option is to install the tracker on the vehicle’s dashboard, located just below the steering wheel. This choice is popular due to the concentration of all the wiring necessary for the device’s operation in this specific area. Additionally, this position offers a degree of discretion, helping to keep the equipment out of sight.
  2. Bumper: The bumper stands out as one of the most favorable locations for tracker installation. Its location in a wide and open area provides more efficient signal reception, contributing to better communication between the device and the monitoring center. This strategic position also reduces interferences and obstacles that could hinder tracking performance.
  3. Trunk: Although installation in the trunk can be more challenging in terms of complexity, it offers a considerable advantage in terms of security. This less obvious position makes it harder for potential thieves to locate and disconnect the device, increasing the chances of vehicle recovery in case of theft. Additionally, by keeping the tracker out of the engine compartment or dashboard, it may be less susceptible to damage in the event of an accident.
  4. Hood: Another viable alternative for vehicle tracker installation is the car’s hood. In certain models, the necessary connections can be accessed relatively easily in this area, simplifying the installation process. Furthermore, the space under the hood offers natural camouflage for the device, as it can be discreetly integrated into the vehicle’s mechanical structure. The priority is to avoid the tracker being visible, ensuring that it is not detected by potential thieves.


Choosing the ideal locations to install vehicle trackers is crucial to ensure their effectiveness and security. By considering factors such as accessibility, discretion, and protection against damage, you can maximize the benefits of your tracking system and efficiently safeguard your vehicle. When this process is carried out correctly, the equipment communicates flawlessly with the Central system, and data collection is conducted accurately.

Therefore, more than knowing where to place the vehicle tracker, it is important to guarantee the quality of the installation and equipment.

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